Last Update 2020/10/24

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GNU C Library 2.28
GNU Binutils 2.31.1

・「」や「...」の着色省略表記は、 実際のソースコードや出力内容などを省略加工した部分を示します。


$ gcc --help=Go Goでサポートされているオプションを表示(言語名は大文字小文字区別なし) The following options are supported by the language Go: -I <dir> Add <dir> to the end of the main include path. -L This option lacks documentation. -Wall Enable most warning messages. -fgo-c-header=<file> Write Go struct definitions to file as C code. -fgo-check-divide-overflow Add explicit checks for division overflow in INT_MIN / -1. -fgo-check-divide-zero Add explicit checks for division by zero. -fgo-optimize-<type> Turn on optimization passes in the frontend. -fgo-pkgpath=<string> Set Go package path. -fgo-prefix=<string> Set package-specific prefix for exported Go names. -fgo-relative-import-path=<path> Treat a relative import as relative to path. -frequire-return-statement Functions which return values must end with return statements. -o <file> Place output into <file>. $