Last Update 2020/10/18

TOP - 各種テスト - gcc - --help - クラス・修飾子無し


GNU C Library 2.28
GNU Binutils 2.31.1

・「」や「...」の着色省略表記は、 実際のソースコードや出力内容などを省略加工した部分を示します。


$ gcc --help 以下、出力されたコマンドラインオプションの説明(標準出力) Usage: gcc [options] file... Options: -pass-exit-codes Exit with highest error code from a phase. --help Display this information. --target-help Display target specific command line options. --help={common|optimizers|params|target|warnings|[^]{joined|separate|undocumented}}[,...]. Display specific types of command line options. (Use '-v --help' to display command line options of sub-processes). --version Display compiler version information. -o <file> Place the output into <file>. -pie Create a dynamically linked position independent executable. -shared Create a shared library. -x <language> Specify the language of the following input files. Permissible languages include: c c++ assembler none 'none' means revert to the default behavior of guessing the language based on the file's extension. Options starting with -g, -f, -m, -O, -W, or --param are automatically passed on to the various sub-processes invoked by gcc. In order to pass other options on to these processes the -W<letter> options must be used. For bug reporting instructions, please see: <https://gcc.gnu.org/bugs/>. $